Typecast Dragon

Seattle cult icon Goddess Kring wrestles with her public access fame as she transitions into a new cycle in her life. A finalist in the 2012 International Documentary Challenge, “Typecast Dragon” premiered Internationally at the Hot Docs Film Festival and premiered in the US at the Seattle International Film Festival.

This might be the best movie I ever made. The story is strong and has a very good balance between character development and plot. We edited the film and then shot the archival footage off of a CRT to give it the analog banding and giant pixels. Then we edited that footage back in. I think it adds a lot to the visual story.

I also made this video with Cassidy Dimon, Katie Killeen and Shauna Hargrove. We made this move with no set roles up front and tried to be fully collaborative. This was a really nice experience because it demanded that everyone give their all.

Typecast Dragon from The Last Quest on Vimeo.

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