Student Portraits

When I first started at the UW I was very nervous that I had work with students. I was worried that they would be insufferable: privileged, short sighted, rude. Basically I was expecting to walk into the nerd version of the Jersey Shore.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. It is really nice working with these young people. Almost to a person they are hard working, charismatic, fun, and very smart. Spending time with them is a pleasure, and I hope that comes through in these photos.

When capturing portraits I walk around with the students and try to get them to do stupid things (please refer to the photos). As we walk around we talk, and I take photos of them. Most of these photos are junk because the student has their mouth open or is looking away. But when I do get a good photo, you can see the connection that we are attempting to make in their eyes.

My hope is that the people who see these photos see a little bit of what I do and see the vigor, good-heartedness, and excitement that UW students radiate.

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