When I was 13 I found a tape under my uncle’s bed. On the white label was scribbled “Sexxx Beats.” I put the tape in, and after some static and vertical roll was a remarkable movie. You could call it pornographic, but that wouldn’t be quite doing it justice. There was sex, and it was sexy, but it was way more. The movie was about love, and the ways that love and sex are connected.

The story centered around a young man living in “Electric City.” He was a homebody and depressed and one night on a whim decided to go out to a club. There he met an older woman, witchy and mysterious. The next 90 minutes was the harrowing journey that brought them together. There were men and men, women and women, men and woman, groups, people alone. People of different colors and ages and abilities.

The sex scenes didn’t center on the actual act of sex. There were close-ups of faces and fingers on backs and mouths. There were bodies engaging in sex, yes, but also souls intertwining, people fighting and making up, and people falling in and out of love.

And the music was FUCKING BANGING!

Sexxx Beats is the Stevedore’s attempt to recreate the soundtrack. There was no credit on the tape of who wrote the songs, so this is our interpretation and homage to that brilliant movie that introduced me to sex and love and betrayal and falling in love again.

I produced this EP in Live. It was written and played collectively by my band, the Stevedore. I am very proud of this music and hope you enjoy it.

Sexxx Beats

Published by morgandusatko