Hi I’m MORGAN FUCKING DUSATKO: an improviser, video genius, musician and RAD WEIRDO.

You might know me because I’m a member of HALF SISTER – an improv and sketch troupe famous for being v. funny and v. prolific and for creating TATPROV, the most insane improv format ever invented.

Or you might know me because I’m a filmmaker and video producer and maybe you saw the super funny videos I made or the feature length documentary I produced called BARZAN that played in hella festivals and got picked up for distribution, or the docs that I made for the International Doc Challenge that won hella awards.

Or you might know me as a member of and producer for the band THE STEVEDORE that released the scandalous EP Sexxx Beats that had everyone in West Seattle trippin’ in 2017.

Or you might remember me from my motherfuckin TED TALK !!!

Or you might know me from MORGAN’S MARTINI HOUR, a weekly call in relationship advice radio program I hosted and produced for two years, then did it as a podcast for another year, then took that bitch to the stage.

Or you might know me from my other extremely sound-designed podcast called HEY HALF SISTER.

Or you might know me as the creator of NOTHING, a formatless all-star improv team. Or you might know me as a member of BARES, a now defunct (because Parker moved to GD Chicago) improv team made up of three big ass dudes.

Or you might have taken my HOW TO FILM YOUR SKETCH workshop or caught me doin’ some sick G-rated corporate improv at Costco or Starbucks.

Or from the WALKING TOURS I made of the University of Washington and Inscape respectively, because somehow I specialize in audio only walking tours because I must be v. dope at writing and audio production.

Or you might know me from the SCREEN ACTING I’ve done over the years.

Or you might know me because I went to EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE and got a degree in film or you might know me because I just got a fucking MBA because I’m a hella smart business maverick.

Or you might not know me. If you want to hire me, email me at morgandusatko@gmail.com or you can call me at 206.270.0906.