Creative MBA ISO Problems to Solve

I’m searching for a dreamy position that requires creativity, organization, interaction with people. Something challenging and meaningful. Something real.
Hungry to do my best work. Let me do it for you.

Leader and Strategist: Focused on what’s important, setting goals, and doggedly pursuing them. I’m team centered and thrive on supporting people to reach their potential.

Artist: I bring a wide-ranging creative toolkit including writing for various contexts, large-scale video production, graphic design, podcast production, and public speaking and performance.

Wide-Ranging Experience: Experience in front-line and support contexts. I worked in supply chain operations (warehouse), distribution (trucking and shipping), front-line operations (retail, hospitality, and customer service), and security.

Friend: I’m a real person that values honesty, integrity, and transparency. Customers, colleagues, and employees are people and deserve to be treated as such.

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