Today, Bandcamp is donating all it’s profits to the ACLU.  You should support the ACLU because they might be the only thing that stand between you and living in an actual nightmare.  So today you can do two amazing things with your money.  Give it to the ACLU and give it to artists.  Not sure what to buy?  Here are a few recommendations:

Hot Dad

This dude wrote new theme songs for 103 of your favorite TV shows.  It’s an insane, obsessive, emotional, funny, scary trip through the heart of American culture.  It’s a masterpiece.  Highly recommended.


Battle for Seattle
Little Roy

An album of Nirvana covers by a Jamaican Reggae artist.  More than simple cover album, he finds new life in these songs. He emphasizes the weirdness in the chord progressions and melodies of the originals using the musical language of Reggae.  The organ replaces the guitar, sidestick replaces the heavy snare.  It’s super fun to listen to.


Dat Boi

This is a song about “Dat Boy”, the not racist internet frog on the unicycle.  Also, to me this is this best vaporware song ever created (sorry リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー).  Vantage is French but it seems like he speaks both English and Japanese without an accent.  That alone is worth the cover charge.  


Dance With Me
Casey Ruff

Beautiful song in the “Splintercat” series.  This shows off Casey’s best assets, his soulful voice, subtle emotions, and great writing.


Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band
Khun Narin

Thailand is known for its music.  Singer songwriters, garage rock, jazz…  Thailand is the place to start if you’re interested in Southeast Asian music, especially if you’re looking for something accessible to a western audience.  This album reminds me a lot of Tuareg music, with its gritty guitar, fast polyrhythmic percussion, and instrumental arrangements.  Definitely something to listen to while riding your bike. Also it has a great story which you can read in the sidebar of the bandcamp page.


I See Hawks in LA
I See Hawks in LA

I See Hawks in LA is my favorite LA country band.  These songs are old timey and modern, soulful and silly.  This is their first album, and a collection of the songs that made them famous.


10 Million Hours A Mile
Miranda July

You might be familiar with Miranda July’s movies or books or feminist videos.  What you might not be familiar with is her “spoken word” albums.  Part narrative, part radio experiment, part music, part performance art (I hesitate to use the word poetry because it might make you think it’s related to slam poetry which it really isn’t).  I was obsessed with a few of these tracks because there’s really nothing like them.


Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai OST
Mdou Moctar

Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai (Rain the Color Blue with a Little Red in it) is a Tuareg language remake of the Prince film Purple Rain.  This is the soundtrack to that movie.  If you’ve been interested in West African (Tuareg) guitar music but didn’t know where to begin, you could do worse than this album.  It’s a great of example of the style.


Sexxx Beats Volume One
The Stevedore

Self Promotion! Great album!  Much to be proud of!  Get high to this!  


Thai? Dai!
VA (Finders Keepers)

This is a comp of rock music from Thailand from the 70s.  There is a lot of experimentation, and even a kind of sampling, where the artists will use a lick or section of a well known song and build a new song around it.  This comp also explores the intersection of rural and city music happening in Thailand at the time.  Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng is my favorite song, not just on the comp, but of all time.


The Bridge to Total Freedom
Dianetics Online™

Scientology themed vaporware.  High concept much?


Volume One

FrankJavCee is my favorite millennial.  This is an album of lofi tracks spanning many genres.  Chillwave, cloud rap, witch house etc.  It’s great.  He’s funny and weird and the music itself is otherworldly.  


F L ♥ R E S フラワーズ

If you like the dance music of the 90s, you’ll like Flores.  It reminds me of early Madonna.  Heavy synth bass, compressed electric drums, spot on arrangements, lyrics full of conflict, ennui, and sadness.  Flores lives in the ocean.


Blank Goofee 0
Blank Goofee

You don’t need to know who Blank Banshee is to like Blank Goofee, but it helps.  Regardless, this album stand up in it’s own right.  Head nodding beats, internet utopia swirls, and every track has a mangled sample of Goofy.  If it sounds funny, it’s not.  It’s the kind of music that works equally on an emotional and intellectual level.


Full Moon Radio
Drop Off

Grunge much? This Olympia based three piece reminds me of music made 20 years ago.  Fuzzy guitars, power chords, dense arrangements…  It’s dark with really catchy hooks.  


Future Pigeon
The Quaoar Tapes

When dub was king, Future Pigeon was the like, weird governor of a small region far to the west of the capital of the kingdom, where they like, grow mangos and stuff.  Anyway, this is dub, from the golden age of dub, from the coolest city in the world, when the world was still cool.



A girlfriend took me to see Octant in 1999.  It was some dude and lady singing weird songs.  The drums were played by a machine.  Not a drum machine, but a machine that played the drums.  My girlfriend kept talking about how the lady worked at the bank.  There were 40 people there or so.  Somehow I was scared.  Later I bought the record and listened to it over and over.  It’s still one of my favorites.  That record isn’t on bandcamp but this one is and it’s almost as good.


Howard Kremer
Have Anothah Summah

Every year Howard Kremer releases another album about how awesome summer is.  This is the second in the series, and right when he hit his stride.  Every song is another suggestion for getting the most out of our summer.  Take each one to heart the whole year will change for you for the better.  You can have what you want.  You can be a happy person.  You can be the person you were meant to be.



If you’re interested in lofi analog drone techno, this is the cream of the crop.  Her voice and lyrics remind me of Joni Mitchell at her most dense.  It’s not pop music, but it’s not improvised either.  The music is dreamy and weird and droning.  You could like, sleep to this or fuck to this if you were trying out something new.


Rad Dan
Blockbuster and Chill

You can’t prove to me that this isn’t actually ripped from the title sequence of a workout video on VHS.  Seriously, I think this is actually “found” music. Someone with a huge VHS collection ripped these songs and put them out as an album.  If not, Rad Dan is SUPER CRAZY for learning how to make 80s muzak.


Sublime Frequencies (label)

Get anything by this label.  They go around the world looking for hidden music, they record it or rerelease it.  Their whole catalog isn’t on bandcamp, but there’s enough here to keep you busy for a long time.  Start anywhere, just start clicking around.  These guys are heros.


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